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28 February 2012

Competition law and the individual: what are the risks?

As well as the risk of facing a prison sentence if found guilty of the cartel offence, individuals are also at risk of a Competition Disqualification Order which could disqualify them from acting as a director for up to 15 years. As the desire to hold directors responsible mounts, individuals must be aware of the potential far reaching consequences.

Our three speakers are:

Philip Collins, Chairman of the OFT, will discuss the regulator's approach towards dealing with individuals including: the underlying reason for including criminal rather than civil powers in the Enterprise Act; the role of directors in bringing about a compliance culture; the relevant OFT guidance and the circumstances behind bringing about disqualification proceedings.

Keith Packer, formerly at BA, now has his own compliance training business, Top Bunk Thinking Ltd. Keith has first-hand experience of facing criminal proceedings. He will recount his story from the initial dawn raid through to his Plea Agreement in the US and the resultant prison sentence. Keith these days is an inspirational speaker who adds a real-life context to companies engaged in compliance programmes. Message to salespeople who are sceptical about the importance of competition law compliance: think again!

Mark Furse, Professor of Competition Law and Policy at Glasgow University, will discuss the arguments from law and economics relating to individual sanctions and competition law. A leading academic writer in the field, Mark has grave misgivings about the UK's criminal cartel offence and will share these uncompromisingly.

Following the speakers' presentations there will be an opportunity for questions, followed by a drinks reception.

16.30  Registration

16.45 Presentations

19.00 Seminar ends

To register for this seminar, please email Kyla.Brand@oft.gsi.gov.uk

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