Meet Keri-anne Payne

Our MMS Ambassador

Keri-Anne PayneI have been a MMS Ambassador for well over a year now and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people in the firm and developing a feel for the culture. For a long time I have been very keen to work with young people and to help them fulfil their potential. As an elite athlete I believe I bring a unique perspective to the topic of what is required to push yourself to be the best and to prepare to perform and compete at the very highest levels. 

In my discussions with Kenneth Shand, MMS’s CEO, I have been struck by how many parallels there are between our two worlds and the extent to which competition, excellence and achievement are also the driving forces within MMS’s business environment. I hope and believe there are aspects of what I can bring from my background and training that will help you to understand how to incorporate these goals into your own development, and perhaps from a slightly different perspective than you might have expected in a law firm environment. Therefore I intend to be involved in presenting to the MMS trainee intake as part of the induction process and then to be able to develop these conversations with you as a group as you settle into the firm. I am very excited to be involved in this initiative with MMS and being part of your journey as you pursue your career in the law with MMS. 

Kerri-Anne Payne

Keri-anne Payne 
Olympic Silver medallist, double World Champion and MMS Ambassador