Our People

Central to the ethos behind our brand is the recognition that in order to provide superb service, each of us must understand the importance of our individual contribution. Every member of the team, from the receptionist to the mail room staff to the Chief Executive has a role to play and we each affect the quality of the client experience.

We have used our brand as the catalyst to create internal benchmarks and standards to reinforce this philosophy and we believe that by doing so we have created a service level which differentiates us in our marketplace. In recognition of the inclusiveness of this approach you will find that the photographs within this website and across our range of literature and online media are of the people who contribute to the service: not just the partners, not just the lawyers, but people from all of our locations and representing both our business support and legal teams. You'll also find photographs of some of our clients in this site - the most important members of the team and the smartest people of all.

In the section below, you’ll find various members of staff across the firm reflecting on how they live out the MMS brand promise to each other and to our clients.

Mairi Sabaté

BD Manager, Marketing

"One of our core values is understanding how our clients work so we can best serve their needs. The main way I help with this is research – I can take a pretty huge amount of information and synthesise it into something much more manageable for the lawyers to digest. That way, they are as knowledgeable as possible about a client’s business."

Siobhan Sneddon

Cash Team Supervisor, Finance

"Both our internal and external clients rely on the cash team to make sure funds get transferred on time. We work to tight timetables and meeting deadlines is crucial – if we miss a transaction it could stop a deal going through for one of our clients. So it’s really important I stay on top of my game. By organising my team and making sure all the jobs are covered, I make sure everything gets done on time and transactions go smoothly for our clients."

Ross Nicol

Partner, IP & Technology

"Making sure my clients achieve their commercial goals is my number one priority. Legal issues need to be addressed, but they shouldn’t get in the way of reaching an agreement. I’ve become skilled at distilling complex legal agreements into issues that really matter to my client. That way, I can present them with solutions so they can make fast, informed decisions. I always get a kick out of seeing an organisation succeed where I’ve made a contribution."

Mary Dawson

Switchboard Operator, Facilities

"Every client and every call is different. That’s the challenge. You have to listen carefully, put people at ease and let them know they’re dealing with a professional and trustworthy organisation.

At my long service presentation, our CEO told how one of our clients had described his experience at our office as ‘world class service’. Being one of the first points of contact for clients, it’s this sort of feedback that gives me real job satisfaction."

Sue Newman

Receptionist, Facilities

“The best part of my job? Talking! Obviously, you get to know a lot of clients and it’s my job to make sure they feel well looked after. It’s my aim that people feel they can ask me pretty much anything and I’ll know the answer.”

Andy McLean

Assistant Financial Accountant

"We’ve developed a close working relationship with our legal teams - improving communication and efficiency means we can offer a better service to our clients."

Janice Hamilton

Switchboard Operator, Facilities

"Working on the switchboard, you get to know a lot of the clients – and I’m always happy to talk. Some people can find coming in to see their lawyer a bit stressful, so I always try to put them at ease. At the end of the day, these strong relationships allow me to do my job to the best of my ability. So when I end a call knowing that I’ve helped a client, I feel good."

Yvonne Allan

Associate, Property

"As a team we have high expectations of each other - to find creative and practical solutions for our clients."

Scott Dickson

Facilities Co-ordinator

"Everything we do filters upwards and outwards. Because we're motivated and working well, that creates a positive experience for clients and partners too."

Kimberley Goh

Associate, Corporate

"The SEP deal was the first of its kind in this sector - we drew on experience and specialist knowledge from all corners of the Firm."

Laura Smith

Solicitor, Corporate

"I was attracted to the Firm’s focus on fostering long-term client relationships - client care is at the centre of our ethos."